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Curriculum & Instruction Information


The Alexander City Board of Education seeks to provide its students with a curriculum which:

Ensures the mastery of knowledge and skill necessary for success in post-secondary study and careers.

Engages students in active learning in which they both acquire knowledge and learn to apply it in meaningful ways

Allows for individual student differences in needs, abilities, and interests

Enables students to see connections among the academic disciplines

Enables students become independent learners

Challenges each student to do the best work of which each is capable

Is based on sound research and effective practice

Is supported by high quality, engaging instructional materials

Enjoys the understanding and support of faculty, parents and community


Mrs. Ellen Martin -- Director of Elementary Schools

Dr. Beverly Price -- Director of Secondary Schools



Intervention & Behavior Strategies (external website)



Curriculum Guides

Click on this link for Curriculum Guides


Click on this link for Probability and Statistics



Peer Observation

Click on this link for Peer Observation

Folder College and Career Readiness Standards (click link below for appropriate file) (8 Files)
pdf file Arts
pdf file Career Tech
pdf file English Language Arts
pdf file Math
pdf file Physical Education
pdf file Science
pdf file Social Studies
pdf file Technology
Folder Makes Sense Strategies (0 Files)
Folder Makes Sense Strategies (0 Files)
Folder Testing Dates & Assessment Guide (2 Files)
pdf file 2018-2019 Testing Schedule
pdf file ACS Assessment Plan
Folder Virtual Schools -- Program Handbooks (click link below for appropriate handbook) (2 Files)
pdf file ACMS Virtual School Handbook
pdf file BRHS Virtual School Handbook
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