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Professional Development Guidelines

Staff development is the means by which educators acquire or enhance the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and beliefs necessary to create high levels of learning for all students.  For many educators, staff development has traditionally been synonymous with workshops, courses, and presentations by “experts”.  But today we know that professional learning can take many forms and draws on the perspectives, talents, and contribution of K-12 educators, higher education personnel, and individuals who serve in various other roles.


To access ACS Administrator Guidelines, Professional Development Approval Form or Professional Development Guidelines please click on appropriate file under related documents.


To access the STIPD (Professional Development) please click here:


STIPD Directions


1) How do I find the login page?


Web address: (Do not key in “w. w. w.”.)




2) How do I log in?


Logon/Username: First and Last Initial + last six digits of social security number


Example: “ds123456”


Password: two-digit birthday with dashes


Example: “03-28-78”


NOTE:  If the logon and password default do not work, please contact your district STIPD administrator.


LEA: click on the drop down box and choose your LEA




3) How do I find a workshop quickly?


Click on the PD TITLES tab




Click on MY LEA ONLY


Click on go to CALENDAR VIEW


This is a calendar view format.  Please click on the session in which you want to enroll.  If the date is not on the calendar, use the PICK DATE button at the top of the calendar, and press GO.




4) How can I make sure I received credit for my workshop?


Click on the HOME tab






5) I didn’t receive credit for my workshop, who do I contact?


Please contact your instructor.




7) How do I receive credit for a workshop that was not sponsored by my LEA?


Example:  A Regional Inservice Center (RIC) workshop or a State Workshop.


Click on the HOME tab




Click on submit new training history item for approval


Complete the information in the dialog box.


Submit and Principal will approve.


Once approved, the workshop will be added to your workshop history


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