Student Services

Mr. Jamie Forbus, Student Services Director

Student Services

Mr. Jamie Forbus is the Director of Student Services for Alexander City Schools.  Among his responsibilities are safety, attendance, alternative programs, and residency.  Mr. Forbus has over 26 years of experience in education.  He is beginning his seventeenth year with Alexander City Schools.  During his tenure, he has served in various administrative roles.  Jamie has a Bachelor of Science in Education from Auburn University Montgomery.  He has a Master of Education and Education Specialist Degree in Educational Leadership from Auburn Montgomery as well.  Mr. Forbus believes that a safe, positive learning environment is essential to allow all students to reach their full potential.  He is dedicated to helping provide this environment for all ACS students.

The CHINS Early Warning Program is a collaborative effort between schools and the juvenile court to provide information for students and parents of students that are truant or may become truant.  The goal of the program is help students and parents understand the importance of regular school attendance and next steps in the court referral process.  Parents will be informed in writing if they are referred to CHINS. 

In an effort to keep parents and community stakeholders informed, Alexander City Schools will post discipline records for each school yearly. The current posting is for the 2019-20 school year. Data for the 2020-21 school year will be added at the completion of Spring semester.



In order to help ensure success for everyone, it is important for parents and students to understand the basic rules, regulations, and procedures of your school and our school system. You are encouraged to read our Code of Conduct linked above. If for any reason you have questions, you are encouraged to contact your local school administrator or the office of the Alexander City Board of Education.